Our fees

Dental practice fees

The point value applied in the practice is, according to the new SSO tariff, 1.2 for dental care provided by specialists and the general dental practitioner.

The point value applied for the hygienist is 1.00

We follow the SSO’s rates*.

* The SSO plays a legitimate representative role for dentists practising in Switzerland. It ensures that its members follow the professional ethical principles set out in its profile, its statutes and the SSO Code of Ethics.

Exemples of prices


Scaling and inspection without radio

Chf 140.00

Scaling and check-up with radio

Chf 170.00

Dental aesthetics

Bleaching tray and whitening products

Environ Chf 500.00



Check-up without scaling and with X-ray.

Chf 125.00 à Chf 140.00 (depending on the number of x-rays)

Composite onlay

approx. Chf 1’200.00

Ceramic crown

Chf 1’600.00

Treatment with nitrous oxide

(dental work not included)

Chf 160.00

Root canal treatment

Micro-invasive root canal treatment (microscope).

Chf 600.00 to Chf 1’500.00 (price depending on the complexity of the case and the number of roots)



Treatment under narcosis

From Chf 1’000.00 to Chf 2’500.00

(Depending on the time required, and in addition to the cost of the dental treatment).


Surgery – Implantology

Placement of a single implant with a crown

From Chf 3’000.00 to Chf 3’500.00